Weatherill Condemns His Own Marine Parks Plan

Premier Weatherill is trying to distance himself from the marine parks mess by condemning the failed consultation process he implemented.

Mr Weatherill was Environment Minister when the consultation process for the marine parks exclusion zones began in 2009 – he designed and implemented the failed process.

Mr Weatherill’s promises of consultation have proven to be hollow with widespread anxiety felt throughout the community, particularly in regional areas.

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said Mr Weatherill could not wipe his hands of his own mess.

“Mr Weatherill must take full responsibility for the botched marine parks consultation process,” Ms Lensink said.

“Mr Weatherill’s rhetoric about “new leadership” on marine parks completely ignores the fact that he was the Minister responsible for this mess in the first place!

“Labor’s failure to listen to the community’s concerns about marine parks has caused widespread anxiety and distress, with many South Australians fearful their livelihoods are at risk.

“Public meetings held right across the State have exposed the Labor’s marine parks program as ill-placed and heavy-handed.

“Delaying the publication of draft exclusion zone boundaries is too little, too late and ignores Mr Weatherill’s failure to treat stakeholders with the respect they deserve.

“South Australia’s fisheries are amongst the best managed and sustainable in the world and the State Liberals remain supportive of the sensible implementation and management of marine parks which will not hinder regional communities and South Australia generally.”