Michelle Lensink was elected to the Legislative Council in the South Australian Parliament in 2003 and was appointed as the Minister for Human Services in the Marshall Government, in March 2018.

Michelle is currently responsible for the following portfolios in opposition:

  • Shadow Minister for Planning

  • Shadow Minister for Social and Community Housing (including homelessness)

  • Shadow Minister for Housing Affordability and Urban Development

  • Shadow Minister for Women

As the Minister for Human Services, Michelle was responsible for communities and social inclusion, social housing, disabilities, women, youth and volunteers. The human services portfolio covers a range of inter-related areas which are best considered holistically. Currently, the most significant challenges include prevention of domestic violence, the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the lack of housing affordability.

Michelle not only has a longstanding interest in human services but has also worked on the ground in terms of providing services to and advocating for those in need when she worked as a physiotherapist at the Repatriation General Hospital (Daw Park, SA) and was part of the aged care sector peak body. 

Michelle is married to news cameraman Scott Perry. In 2015 she became the first female serving Member of the Legislative Council to have a baby. This has allowed her to have a personal understanding of the challenges associated with balancing a family with a demanding career.