The Greens Trade Environmentalism for Preferences

29 Feb 2012 archivemedia

The Weatherill Government opposed Green amendments to the Arkaroola Protection Bill as it was debated in the Legislative Council late yesterday. (Wednesday, 29 February 2012)

The amendments, supported by the Liberal Party, will ensure the spiritual and cultural needs of all indigenous groups with an interest in Arkaroola region will be considered. They will also force the Minister to properly consult with all groups as he prepares the Management plan for the Arkaroola Protection Area.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House Michelle Lensink said the Government’s actions last night is just another example of the arrogance of 10 years of Labor Government.

“I think Greens supporters would simply feel dismayed knowing their party is involved with preferencing deals with this Government who has absolutely no regard for the broader interests of South Australians” she said.

“The Greens espouse to be a party of equality and fairness, and on those social issues it’s the Liberal Party that can boast a long history of championing alongside the Greens – not Labor.”

• The Liberals and the Greens opposed Labor’s Significant Tree amendments to the Development Act. I have moved to disallow the Regulations, forcing the Government back to the negotiating table.

• In 2011 the Liberals and Greens referred the EPA’s secretive practices to the Statutories Authorities Review Committee. Labor opposed the move.

• Last year the Liberal Party and the Greens opposed the Government’s plan to shut all pubs from 3-7 AM, which would have disadvantaged young hospitality workers.

• Liberals and the Greens opposed the Mt Barker development. It only went through the Parliamentary Committee with Labor’s casting vote.

• It was Labor who cut the Environment Budget by 30%.

• It was Premier Weatherill who abolished the ministerial portfolio of Climate Change.

Yet the Greens continue to preference Labor. It’s clear that environmentalism is no longer a core Green belief. The Greens now act as a minor faction of the ALP.