15 Mar 2007 questionsarchive

Question put forward to the Hon. G.E. GAGO regarding suicide prevention.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: Can the Premier advise:

1. What new programs have been funded through the $680,000 suicide prevention strategy; and

2. In which country regions?

The Hon. G.E. GAGO: I am advised:

1. Funding of $680,000 over two years to 30 June 2006 was provided specifically to support the implementation of locally driven suicide prevention strategies in South Australian regional areas.

Key action introduced at local levels included:
•youth development activities to increase the wellbeing of Aboriginal young people, particularly young men, through areas such as recreation and the arts.
•skills training and community awareness activities for local service providers and community members, including adapting training for Aboriginal workers and communities and developing a short community awareness training program No-one Walks Alone.
•cooperative activities among local service providers to increase their responsiveness to local needs in relation to suicide prevention, particularly within Aboriginal communities, including developing local networks of support, new opportunities and pathways for vulnerable young people.
•partnership development activities such as establishing Memoranda of Understanding, policies and protocols and strategic plans that will reach beyond the funding period to strengthen, focus, integrate and enhance existing activities and services within and across sectors in regional areas.
•resource development to enable learning to be shared across local communities, services and systems through cross-sector and cross-regional networking, mentoring and support.

A key outcome has been to embed the issue of suicide prevention into the core business of Country Health SA, so that implementation of additional strategies will extend beyond the original funding period.

2. Each of the seven former country health regions (Eyre, Hills Mallee Southern, Northern and Far Western, Riverland,Wakefield, Mid North, and South East) have been working with local communities to develop local action plans.