State Liberals commit to saving Shacks

16 Oct 2013 newsarchivemedia

If elected in March 2014, a Marshall Liberal Government will enable people to retain their shacks, while requiring them to be upgraded to meet contemporary standards.

"Once elected, we will immediately stop the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources from terminating lease agreements upon the death of a lease holder," said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

"The Weatherill Labor Government’s campaign against shacks is just another indication of how out of touch they are with South Australian communities."

The State Liberals will also obtain Crown Law advice regarding opportunities for freehold shacks on existing life tenure leases as well as seeking fair valuation advice for the sale of these sites.

Where local councils are very supportive of their shacks and have shown leadership in investing in local facilities for the benefit of the whole community, a Marshall Government will enter a partnership arrangement to transfer care, control and management of life lease shacks to local Councils, in exchange for shack upgrades.

This would have benefits for the local environment as well as shack owners.

"South Australia’s shacks should be preserved for future generations. Their wholesale removal makes no sense and is an attack on our lifestyle and heritage," said Shadow Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Michelle Lensink.

A Marshall Liberal Government will:
•Stop Labor’s campaign against shacks;
•Investigate free holding for shacks located on crown land;
•Provide a renewable tenure option to shacks located within national parks;
•Require shack safety, amenity and environmental matters to be upgraded to more contemporary standards;
•Strengthen links between local rangers and Friends of Parks groups and shack owners/lessees;
•Establish partnerships with local councils which are supportive of their local shack precincts; and,
•Investigate tourism opportunities for all coastal and inland waterways.