Social Inclusion Board

29 May 2007 questionsarchive

A question put forward to the Hon. G.E. GAGO regarding the Social Inclusion Board.

(First session) The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK:

1. Is the Social Inclusion Board responsible for implementing the 51 recommendations made at the 2002 Drug Summit, or is it to implement the 21 ‘Initiatives for Immediate Action’ and supplementary 14 ‘Government Response Further Initiatives’?

2. On what basis were the initiatives developed from the recommendations?

3. What is the time frame in which the Social Inclusion Board needs to report back on implementation of the evaluation Report entitled ‘Taking Stock and Implications for the Future’, which was released in February 2005?

4. (a) What is the current status of the proposed Aboriginal community sports facility for which an allocation of $100 000 was provided in 2003 as a part of these initiatives; and

(b) What sites are under consideration?

The Hon. G.E. GAGO: I have been advised:

1. The Social Inclusion Board is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the first and second round of Initiatives announced by the Government in response to the Drugs Summit recommendations.

2. The Initiatives were recommended to the Government by the Social Inclusion Board after considering advice from an across government Senior Officers Working Group and the Chief Executives Co-ordinating Committee on Drugs.

3. The “Taking Stock and Implications for the Future” evaluation report was the Social Inclusion Board’s mid point progress review of the first round and selected second round Initiatives. The Board incorporated the findings from the evaluation into further monitoring and development to ensure that the Initiatives remained on track to support the intent of the Drugs Summit.

4. (a) A 5-year lease has been signed to use existing facilities at the Mawson Lakes campus of the University of South Australia. The lease is between the University and the SA Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association (SAASRA) on behalf of the Aboriginal community. The Aboriginal community has established an interim management committee of community leaders to involve Aboriginal people in a wide range of sports and to develop the facility over time. This option was developed and implemented by SAASRA on behalf of the Aboriginal sporting community in the region, with the support from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, through the Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division and the Social Inclusion Unit.

(b) See (a) above.