Seriousness Of Edwardstown Contamination Revealed

22 Mar 2011 archivemedia

Labor has put on hold the sale of four blocks of Housing SA land within the Edwardstown contamination zone highlighting the seriousness of the issue for local residents.

Housing SA had previously advertised four blocks of land in Emerald Street, less than 1km from the toxic former Hills Industry site which is responsible for the contaminated groundwater in Edwardstown and South Plympton.

Housing Minister Jennifer Rankine revealed today:

“Once we were made aware of the fact that there was an issue in that area, we put a hold on the sale of that land… there was one contract that had been signed and another potential purchaser who was interested in buying the land. We discussed the situation with the person who had signed the contract, and they were allowed to withdraw from that contract”. (Hansard, 22/3/2011)

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said Labor has tried to downplay the contamination but the withdrawal of the sale of the land proved the severity of the situation for local residents.

“Labor is more interested in looking after its own interests than protecting South Australians,” Ms Lensink said.

“Labor knew about the toxic groundwater contamination for 18 months before they told the residents of Edwardstown and South Plympton, potentially putting the health and well being of South Australian families at risk.

“As soon as Labor finds itself at risk of being sued they act swiftly to take the blocks of land off the market.

“Labor had its priorities wrong – they didn’t think it was important enough to inform residents but they certainly act quickly to protect their own interests.”