Second-Hand Goods Bill

11 Apr 2013 archivespeech

This speech is in relation to the Second-Hand Goods bill.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK (16:44): I rise to make a few remarks, and they will be brief, particularly given that Liberal members the Hon. Stephen Wade and the Hon. David Ridgway have made very learned contributions on this particular bill. The Hon. David Ridgway outlined some of the concerns that were raised a couple of years ago when the bill first surfaced. It came to my attention as well through my father-in-law, who is an active member of the Gawler swap meet. They were very concerned that they were going to be impacted on and have to go through unnecessary red tape when what they do is, really, a community activity and they should not be forced to go through all sorts of application processes and fill in ledgers and the like, often when they are raising money for charity and those sorts of things as well.

My questions on this particular bill are, firstly, in relation to volunteer organisations: whether Volunteering SA made any submissions and what the concerns raised were, and what other volunteer organisations may have made submissions and what their concerns were.

In relation to small business, I understand the bill was referred to the Small Business Commissioner, who raised concerns on behalf of small business about the impact of the bill and that these discussions were held in good faith. So, my questions on that point are: can the government advise whether these discussions are still ongoing and, if not, what the outcome was, and does the government think it would be prudent to delay consideration of the bill until any of those discussions have concluded?