Marshall Government delivers yet another 100-day commitment

27 Jun 2018 news. media

The Marshall Government has delivered on its 100-day commitment that all current State disability clients will receive their services from the non-government sector under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Yesterday, the State Government began discussions with clients, guardians, families, employees and unions about the future of Supported Community Accommodation (group homes).

The service is the last government-operated disability service to begin consultation on how to transition clients to the non-government sector.

Currently, clients who use this service live in supported houses that are state-run. The change means that, for the first time, people with disabilities, their families and guardians will be empowered to select the service providers who manage and work in the client’s homes.

“I would like to stress there will be no immediate changes for residents or staff – it is services as usual for now,” said Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink.

“The change process will take time to shape and will occur gradually over the coming years.

“The State Government wants to ensure a smooth transition of services for clients.

“We will be commencing a comprehensive consultation period with clients, guardians and families, employees, unions and NGO providers to decide how the move will be planned and rolled out.

“Unlike the Labor Government’s dismal track record with a complete lack of consultation in the past, the Liberal Government is committed to genuinely consult with everyone required to get direct feedback and advice on the needs of clients and employees.
“Importantly, the changes will empower people with a disability and their families to make choices and decisions about their lives – and a provider.”

Employees will be thoroughly consulted on the changes and how to achieve the best possible outcomes, with the aim of retaining skilled and experienced staff in the sector.

Stakeholders will also be invited to share their insights on how the State Government can effectively assist clients and families.