Legislative Council President

21 May 2014 questionsarchive

A question to the Legislative Council President, the Hon R Wortley MLC, regarding his position as President.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK (14:18): My question is also to you, sir. Given that the Premier stated on FIVEaa on Tuesday 6 May, in response to questions regarding the responsibilities and privileges of the role of President of the council, that:

…this is essentially the leadership of the Legislative Council…there are lots of questions about old ceremonial sort of arrangements of the upper house…these are traditional functions and roles. I already have turned my attention to whether they have a role in the modern era.

Will you stand up for and protect the rights and responsibilities of the Legislative Council and its office holders in your position as President of this place?

The PRESIDENT (14:19): Very good question. Yes; I will, at all times.