Labor Must Explain Marine Park Data

15 Apr 2011 archivemedia

Labor must immediately explain the scientific data on marine parks as concern in the South Australian community continues to grow.

Kangaroo Island is the latest in a long list of regional and metropolitan communities suffering from Labor’s failure to consult and to provide adequate information on the marine parks plan.

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said Labor must explain to South Australians all the scientific data that supports the marine parks sanctuary zones policy and the economic and social impacts on regional communities.

“Public meetings held right across the State have exposed South Australians’ anger at Labor’s marine parks program,” Ms Lensink said.

“Labor has shown a complete failure to consult with South Australians and is placing undue pressure on communities across the state as they grapple to understand the consequences of marine parks.

“Statistics show that the community’s understanding of even the term “marine parks” has been in decline since 2006 but Labor has done nothing to rectify this.

“This secretive Labor Government is starving communities of information in order to cover up gaping holes in their own policies.”