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A question put forward to the Hon. P. HOLLOWAY regarding the Government Logo.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK:

1. Can the Premier advise why the policy, “Government Branding and Cabinet Communications Committee Guidelines”, can no longer be accessed on the State Government intranet site, http://intra.sa.gov.au?

2. Will the Premier provide the policy on Guidelines for Government Branding?

3. Can the Premier advise the cost of the re-branding of all Government agencies and bodies to the State’s Piping Shrike emblem?

4. Is it a fact that “only two organisations—the South Australian Tourism Commission and SA Lotteries—will be allowed to use their logos alone”?

5. What was the rationale for exempting these specific organisations?

6. Were other organisations provided with an opportunity to retain their logos?

7. Was the Public Service Association consulted before this policy was put into action?

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY: The Premier has been advised of the following information:

1. The Government Branding and Cabinet Communications Committee Guidelines can be accessed on the State Government’s intranet site, under the section called “Policies, Guidelines and Procedures”.

2. The Cabinet approved policy, DPC Circular #25 “Common Branding Policy for the Government of South Australia” and the document, Branding Guidelines is available to all Government agencies on the DPC Strategic Communications website at http://www.premcab.sa.gov.au/stratcomms/. A Minute from the Premier, with the policy attached was circulated to all Government Departments and Ministers in January this year.

3. Implementation of the policy across Government is being funded from within existing budgets.

4. To date a total of five Government organisations including the South Australian Tourism Commission and SA Lotteries have been permitted to use their logos independently of the Government of South Australia logo.

5. The decision to exempt organisations from the Common Branding Policy is based on an appraisal of the case for each organisation including considerations of commercial imperatives, competitive framework, public welfare, communication context, and established brand equity.

6. An exemption process has been established through the Cabinet Communications Committee. This provides the opportunity for an organisation to apply for an exemption to the policy to retain their existing logo.

7. The implementation of the Common Branding Policy does not require additional resources as compliance is only required upon exhaustion of existing stocks, or when a replacement falls due at the end of a natural life. The Public Service Association was therefore not consulted.

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