Casual attitude to TCE contamination continues

03 Sep 2015 newsmedia

The State Liberals are deeply concerned for the health of residents of Beverley who have been living in the TCE contamination zone.

“The Beverley TCE contamination crisis has all the hallmarks of the Clovelly Park contamination scandal of last year,” said Shadow Minister for the Environment.

“Once again innocent residents are living in potentially highly dangerous circumstances whilst the Weatherill Government has dithered about testing for TCE contamination.

“What is truly shocking is that the EPA has been aware of TCE contamination in this region since 2006 yet it still has no sense of urgency regarding the need to assess the health risks this dangerous contaminant poses to the resident of Beverley.
“Minister Hunter needs to explain why testing took so long and why just last week an update sent to residents made no mention of relocating residents.
“Just last week residents of Beverley received a letter from the EPA informing them they would now have to wait until the week beginning September 21 to learn the outcome of tests of TCE contamination impacts on their homes.

“In October last year the EPA finally committed to testing for TCE contamination in soil vapour in an area spanning 300 properties.”

When questioned regarding why residents were still awaiting the outcomes of the investigation in Parliament on the 22nd of July this year Environment Minister Ian Hunter claimed:

The Hon. I.K. HUNTER: My advice is that the report has been delayed because we wanted to get some more sampling, and so it is going to be delayed until late August.

“Minister Hunter refused point blank to acknowledge residents may have to be relocated.

“The first thing people need in circumstances like this is certainty that their health is no at ongoing risk as a consequence of exposure to the contaminants.

“The Weatherill Government has an obligation to do everything in its power to ensure the residents of Beverly are not at risk from TCE contamination.
“Minister Hunter has learnt nothing from the Clovelly Park contamination crisis that engulfed the Weatherill Government in July last year.”