Minister’s secrecy endangers public

21 Apr 2008 archivemedia

The Rann Government’s obsession with good publicity has allowed a violent mental patient to be at large without public warnings being issued.

Liberal spokeswoman on Mental Health, Michelle Lensink revealed today she had been advised last night that the person had escaped.

“I was told firstly that the patient should have been in the more secure James Nash House and secondly that Minister’s office was more worried about adverse publicity than public safety,” Ms Lensink said.

“When we rang media outlets to see if the alarm had been raised we discovered it had been kept quiet.

“When media started to ring the Minister’s office, there was a sudden change of heart.

“We now need answers from the Minister on why she had decided to keep matters quiet, when on subsequent analysis it appeared that there was a need for the public to be informed.

“So much for honesty and accountability.”