Glenside Hospital – Strike 1!

03 Apr 2008 archivemedia

Last night the Legislative Council voted to appoint a Select Committee to enquire into the State Government’s proposed sale and redevelopment of Glenside Hospital (motion attached).

“This is a victory for the strong voice of concern about the Rann Government’s announcement to sell off 42% of the Glenside Hospital site” said Ms Chapman, Member for Bragg.

“Local people have been ignored, local government has been by-passed and local communities have been insulted – not to mention the concerns raised by conservationists and mental health professionals across the board.”

“Now the people can have a say and will be invited to present submissions, both written and oral, to the Committee” Ms Chapman said.

Ms Lensink, Shadow Minister for Mental Health moved the motion in the Legislative Council, which had the support of all of the Independent Members.

“I wish to personally acknowledge and thank my colleagues, Hon Sandra Kanck, Hon John Darley, Hon Anne Bressington, Hon Mark Parnell, Hon Dennis Hood and Hon Andrew Evans in supporting this motion” Ms Lensink said.

“Concerns have been raised ranging from loss of open space, traffic and security issues across to mental health and drug and alcohol services required now and in the future and I call upon the Government to undertake not to sell or encumber any part of the hospital site until the Parliamentary process of enquiry has been completed. Any attempt to do so would be contemptuous of the Parliament which represents the people of South Australia” Ms Lensink said.

Member for Unley, David Pisoni said “I have been appalled at how badly local people have been treated at the ‘consultation’ public meetings convened by the Government. Their legitimate concerns about loss of open space, heritage, significant trees and amenity have been dismissed. The Government’s appointment of a Community Reference Group is a sham. All the Government has done so far is swap the housing precinct with the hospital precinct in their Concept Plan before they even had a say on it – they had to read it in the newspaper.”

Members of the Select Committee are Hon John Dawkins, Hon Michelle Lensink, Hon Sandra Kanck, Hon Bernie Finnigan and Hon Ian Hunter.