Michelle Lensink

Whistleblower Owed Apology Over $1m Bungle

The Rann Government has blown more than $1 million on a bungled rehabilitation project for storm water erosion of sand dunes at Maslin Beach, Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said today.

“A storm this week has washed away an 800m fence along with taxpayers dollars,’’ Ms Lensink said.

“That’s on top of matting and plantings previously lost because the $1 million-plus project has been botched.

“The Government’s incompetence is clear and the environment and taxpayers are the losers.

“If only the Government had listened to local residents who were stunned when the fence was installed one metre in front of where the past storm surge hit this could have been avoided.

“A sand erosion drainage management plan should have been drawn up before the work began, but wasn’t.

“Local residents who warned about the inappropriateness of the Government’s design of the works of the old quarry site should have been listened to, but weren’t.

“This is further evidence of the Rann Government’s arrogance and refusal to listen and consult.

“Local resident John Houlahan is owed an apology by the Rann Government.

“He knew it was inevitable the fence would be washed away with the next storm and that laying matting without grading the slopes and on eroded gullies would be ineffective.

He warned the Rann Government that the works were inappropriate, and the storm damage to the fence is proof warnings of their ineffectiveness were spot on.

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