Weatherill sells out SA irrigators

27 Jun 2013 newsarchivemedia

Premier Weatherill has finally signed the Intergovernmental Agreement for the Murray-Darling Basin plan, sacrificing South Australian irrigators for the environment.

South Australian irrigators have already spent considerable funds on updating irrigation infrastructure and many are now at peak efficiency.

Waiting months for answers to how they will be able to access the $265 million through the Water Industry Alliance program, SA irrigators are still no closer to receiving any answers.

"The Murray Darling Basin plan has enormous potential to benefit South Australia’s environment but does not need to be at the expense of the State’s irrigators," said Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink.

"While Mr Weatherill has taken seven months to sign the agreement, our irrigators have been left in the dark and now, sacrificed.

"Furthermore, the carryover issue belonging to our irrigators has not been resolved in our favour.

"Details must now be released on how SA irrigators can finally access the $265 million for the Water Industry Alliance program announced months ago.

"Whilst the State Liberals welcome the additional $445 million in Federal funding, concerns in how this will be allocated and more importantly, when, is of great concern considering the Government’s track record of holding out on South Australians.

"This extensive process raises considerable concerns of the Government’s commitment to South Australia.

"Let’s hope it does not take the Government as long to release its implementation strategy and, finally, some answers for our irrigators," said Ms Lensink.