Statutes Amendment (Surrogacy Eligibility) Bill

06 Dec 2016 newsspeechparliament

Second Reading: adjourned debate on second reading (continued fromĀ 1 December 2016).

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK ( 16:08 :19 ): I rise to make some remarks in relation to this bill and indicate support for legislation which amends the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act, the Equal Opportunity Act and the Family Relationships Act. My understanding of the changes to the Equal Opportunity Act is that services will now be covered by the Equal Opportunity Act, which were not previously. In effect, assisted reproductive services could discriminate on certain grounds but some obviously chose not to, so it addresses the medically versus socially infertile matter. The Family Relationships Act amendments are to allow non-heterosexual couples to have access to surrogacy agreements.

I think that essentially covers the changes to the legislation; clearly, I support those. I think it is time that our parliament addressed matters where people are commissioning these services interstate and overseas. We need to make sure that we are keeping up to date with some of those practices and not disadvantaging South Australians who are going overseas or interstate to obtain services that they could otherwise obtain here.

I would also like to commend my colleague, the Hon. John Dawkins, for his persistent oversight of ensuring that the people he has fought for for such a long time to obtain surrogacy treatment will continue to be covered under legislation. I understand that there are some amendments to, in effect, enable that to continue under this legislation. With those brief remarks, I commend the bill to the house.