Status of Women takes another hit from Labor Government

15 Oct 2015 newsmedia

The State Liberals are demanding the Minister for the Status of Woman Gail Gago condemns Treasurer Koutsantonis’ use of highly obscene language in meetings with public servants.

“Mr Koutsantonis used language that is highly offensive to women yet the Minister of the Status of Women has been silent on the subject,” said Shadow Minister for Status of Women Michelle Lensink.

“It is totally unacceptable for the Minister for the Status of Women to base her responses on who commits the offensive behaviour rather than the act itself.

“By failing to issue any comment on the appalling behaviour of Treasurer Koutsantonis Minister Gago has failed in her duty as Minister for the Status of Women.

“Just a couple of months ago Minister Gago issued a media release calling on South Australian women to be bold and brave in their endeavours to break through the glass ceiling that sees them underrepresented in South Australian Parliament.

“Yet the Minister doesn’t have the courage to stand up for women when a senior Minister in the State Labor Government behaves in a manner that drives women away from a career in politics.

“I can assure Minister Gago that one of the most important reasons women aren’t attracted to a career in politics is the Neanderthal behaviour of some male politicians who image using obscene language is acceptable behind closed doors.”