Speed Cameras

07 Nov 2005 questionsarchive

Question put forward to the Hon. P. HOLLOWAY in relation to speed cameras.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK:

1. (a) Can the Minister for Police advise whether a speed camera device was operating at Swanport Road, Murray Bridge; and

    (b) If so, what hours was it operating?

2. (a) are there any roadworks operating in that location; and

    (b) What were the speed limits?

3. What was the total value of expiation fees issued for the above location in:

    (a) 2002;

    (b) 2003; and

    (c) 2004?

4. Can the Minister provide details as to what road safety risks are associated with that location?

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY: The Minister for Police has provided the following information:

1 and 2. SAPOL is unable to provide a response to Questions 1 and 2, as there is no time frame attached to this aspect of the question.

3. The Commissioner of Police has advised that the total value of expiation fees issued for the above location in 2002, 2003 and 2004 is as follows:

Calendar Year          Notices Issued         Total Value

2002                        88                            $13,645

2003                        62                            $10,931

2004                        0                              $0

Total                        150                          $24,576

The total value for Expiation Notices includes the levy to the Victim of Crime Fund.

4. Speed cameras are deployed as part of the strategy to reduce excessive speed and to establish a firm base for long-term change in driver attitude to speeding. Achieving these aims will lead to a reduction in the general level of speed, with a corresponding reduction in the number and severity of road crashes. The deployment of speed cameras is based on an intelligence assessment of locations, which have a road safety risk', or locations, which contribute to a road safety risk' at another location.

In assessing the road safety risk' for a location the following factors are considered:

whether the location has a crash history;

whether the location contributes to crashes in other locations;

whether the location has been identified by SAPOL Road Safety Audits as having a road safety risk;

where intelligence reports provide information of dangerous driving practices associated with speeding, especially speed dangerous;

whether the physical conditions of a location creates a road safety risk.

Speed cameras are then allocated a location where they will best reduce the risk of crashes. Speed camera deployment is an important part of the road safety strategy, as speed remains a significant contributing causal factor in road crashes with higher speeds resulting in an increased chance of a crash and increased road trauma at a crash.

Swanport Road, Murray Bridge has had 24 crashes recorded for the period 1 January 2002 to 30 June 2005.