Speed Cameras

12 Apr 2005 questionsarchive

A supplementary question put forward to the Hon. P. HOLLOWAY regarding speed cameras.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: I have a supplementary question. Does the minister see Festival Drive, which has been monitored for speeding, as a major threat to road users?

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY: I am not sure whether it has been used, and it is not really for me to say. I was disagreeing with the comment made by the honourable member that the use of speed cameras in 50 km/h zones represented revenue raising. I strongly disputed that, and I think that the overwhelming evidence is that that is not the case. However, I will obtain the information requested in the question asked by my colleague and bring back a reply.

However, in relation to Festival Drive, or anywhere else, it is my understanding that when the police employ cameras they do so as a result of complaints from the public, or from their own assessment that there is some danger to the public in relation to the operation of vehicles. I am sure that matter can be easily reinforced by the police, and I am happy to provide that information again relating to the guidelines on which the police operate speed cameras. It has certainly been provided plenty of times in the past, but I am happy to do so again.

Tuesday 8 November 2005

In reply to Hon. J.F. STEFANI (12 April).

In reply to Hon J.M.A. LENSINK (12 April).

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY: The Minister for Police has provided the following information:

The Commissioner of Police has advised the following:

Number of motorist caught speeding 1/7/03 to 30/6/04


UP TO 60 KM/H                                                                      1164

61 – 65 KM/H                                                                         3017

66 – 70 KM/H                                                                         685

71 km/h & Over                                                                      224

TOTAL                                                                                    5090

NORTH TERRACE, ADELAIDE                                             NOTICES ISSUED

UP TO 60 KM/H                                                                      474

61 – 65 KM/H                                                                         1141

66 – 70 KM/H                                                                         224

71 km/h & Over                                                                      82

TOTAL                                                                                    1921

Number of motorist caught speeding 1/7/04 to 30/3/05


UP TO 60 KM/H                                                                      1124

61 – 65 KM/H                                                                         2630

66 – 70 KM/H                                                                         571

71 km/h & Over                                                                      177

TOTAL                                                                                    4502

NORTH TERRACE, ADELAIDE                                             NOTICES ISSUED

UP TO 60 KM/H                                                                      233

61 – 65 KM/H                                                                         504

66 – 70 KM/H                                                                         97

71 km/h & Over                                                                      37

TOTAL                                                                                    871

NORTH TERRACE ADELAIDE - (fixed site)                         NOTICES ISSUED

UP TO 60 KM/H                                                                      1380

61 – 65 KM/H                                                                         3546

66 – 70 KM/H                                                                         729

71 km/h & Over                                                                      249

TOTAL                                                                                    5904

In response to the first supplementary question:

The Commissioner of Police has advised that for the period 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2005, one collision was recorded as occurring on Festival Drive, and that during the dates specified, Festival Drive was treated on one occasion with an electronic speed analysing device (Laser).

The deployment of speed cameras is based on an intelligence assessment of locations, which have a road safety risk', or locations, which contribute to a road safety risk' at another location.

In assessing the road safety risk' for a location, the following factors are considered:

Whether the location has a crash history;

Whether the location contributes to crashes in other locations;

Whether the location has been identified by SAPOL Road Safety Audits as having a road safety risk;

Where intelligence reports provide information of dangerous driving practices associated with speeding, especially speed dangerous; and

Whether the physical conditions of a location creates a road safety risk.

In response to the second supplementary question:

The Commissioner of Police has advised that speed cameras are not camouflaged or hidden from sight, when operating on roads. The camera unit is often enclosed in a cover, which is designed to protect the speed analysing device from the elements of the weather. Speed cameras are usually located on the footpath or side of the road, so that the unit can monitor traffic efficiently, but at the same time not be a danger or distraction to road users. On some occasions, foliage such as trees and bushes may be in the vicinity of an operational camera, as there may be no other position on the portion of the road being monitored where the camera can be safely set up. In addition, it is standard operating policy to place a speed camera advisory sign on the side of the road within 200 metres of the departure of the camera, advising motorists that they have just passed a speed camera.

In response to the third supplementary question:

The following figures have been provided by South Australia Police for the period 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2005, concerning Port Road, Thebarton (opposite the Thebarton Police Barracks). During this period, nine casualty collisions were reported. The road has been subjected to electronic speed analyser monitoring on 52 occasions.

On 14 occasions, a laser monitoring device has been utilised and on 38 occasions, speed cameras were deployed.