Select Committee On Impact Of Peak Oil In South Australia

04 Mar 2009 archivespeech

This speech is to indicate support for the Select Committee On Impact Of Peak Oil In South Australia.

Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. Sandra Kanck: That the report be noted.

(Continued from 26 November 2008. Page 921.)

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK (20:29): I intend to be very brief on this particular motion, but I speak in support of it. This select committee was a three person committee consisting of the Hon. Sandra Kanck, as the mover of the motion, the Hon. Russell Wortley and me. We were very ably supported in our efforts by our secretary, Guy Dickson, and research officer, Tyson Retz. Our brief was to look into the issue of peak oil which, in my layperson's terms, would be the point at which we have reached the maximum extraction of oil. A number of people gave evidence which was often in parallel with issues relating to global warming.

The issue of peak oil is a very broad and diverse matter covering issues such as agriculture and travel. Indeed, all modes of transport will be affected by our feeling of the impact. At the time of our taking evidence, we were more acutely aware of matters because oil and petrol prices were that much higher.

We had a number of recommendations, some of which relate to such things as the development of community gardens and, in some ways, going back to the past in encouraging people to grow their own food. Some people, whom a number of us would regard as slightly more extreme, suggested that we should do away with broadacre agriculture altogether and all eat kangaroos instead of farm animals. Some witnesses also spoke to us about the health impacts and how they would affect people in country and more remote regions who may find it more difficult to access health services. It is fair to say that it was a well-rounded report. The fear expressed by a number of the witnesses is that people assume there is some sort of magic cure around the corner for needing to find alternatives to using oil and non-renewable resources; therefore, they urged us to be moreproactive in addressing those matters. That is all I intend to say on this matter. I recommend this report to all members of the council and ask them to consider its recommendations very carefully.

Motion carried.