Scrap this agenda item Minister

17 Aug 2009 archivemedia

The Burnside Council should be directed by the Minister for State/Local Government Relations to stop discussing the sale of the Chelsea Cinema until the inquiry into the council’s alleged internal conflict and infighting is finalised.

The inquiry, led by former Ombudsman Ken McPherson, will not be finalised until the end of October but the council continues to deliberate on the sale of the cinema – a proposal that has ignited community outrage.

Shadow Minister for Conservation Michelle Lensink said the Burnside Council is meeting tonight and the cinema’s proposed sale is listed as an agenda item.

“While there is still an investigation going on into the council’s operations, the possible sale of Chelsea Cinema should not be discussed,” Ms Lensink said.

“How can the community have faith that any discussion about the potential sale was done so in a truly open and transparent manner if there are clouds hanging over the conduct of the council?

“The proposed sale of the historic cinema has sparked more community outrage than we have seen in years.

“It is not proper for a council which is currently being investigated for the way it conducts it self, to be discussing the sale of a building that has caused so much anger and debate in the community.

“Minister Gago should direct the council to stop discussing the potential sale of Chelsea Cinema until the investigation she launched is finished.”