SA Lotteries

01 Dec 2009 questionsarchive

I seek leave to make a brief explanation before asking the Minister for Government Enterprises a question on the subject of SA Lotteries.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: Honourable members may recall that I asked some questions relating to SA Lotteries advertising earlier this year involving, in particular, concerns that had been raised regarding the 'Dreams Live Here' campaign. The Auditor-General's Report revealed that spending on the Oz Lotto product had nearly doubled, and the belief was that this was being driven by the record jackpots. My questions are:

1. Is there an intention to continue running the Dreams Live Here campaign?

2. What relationship does it have to increasing the consumer spend on lotteries products?

3. What are the ongoing costs of print and electronic media campaigns for the Dreams Live Here campaign?

The Hon. G.E. GAGO (Minister for State/Local Government Relations, Minister for the Status of Women, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Minister for Government Enterprises, Minister Assisting the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Energy) (14:45): I thank the honourable member for her questions. I have put on record before answers to questions around advertising. In relation to the latter question about how long that campaign is going for, I do not have those details but I am sure they are available and I am happy to bring those back to the chamber. I remind people that SA Lotteries does have a commitment to responsible gambling.

An honourable member: It is a world leader.

The Hon. G.E. GAGO: And, in fact, it is a world leader. Research shows that it is rare for lottery play to be associated with problem gambling, as stated in the 'Gambling Prevalence in South Australia' 2005 study, commissioned by the South Australian Department for Families and Communities and the IGA, and the Productivity Commission's draft report 'Gambling', released in October 2009. SA Lotteries is committed to responsible play practices in all aspects of its operations and the effective maintenance of harm minimisation measures across its statewide agency network.

SA Lotteries has proactively applied a gamble responsibility warning message to all its game advertising since November 2003. In 2004, in accordance with the State Lotteries Act as amended, SA Lotteries adopted the Independent Gambling Authority's approved State Lotteries Advertising Code of Practice and State Lotteries Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. Both codes of practice were updated by the IGA effective from 1 December 2008. The major impact to SA Lotteries from these revisions was the introduction of expanded warning messages and a framework for their application. So, agreements with SA Lotteries agents incorporate the requirements of the code.

SA Lotteries has established an internal problem gambling report group which is convened when reported incidents are received, allowing further action to be considered. SA Lotteries has been well recognised for its important adherence to those standards. There are also significant standards in place for SA Lotteries agents, and I will not go through all those details but, as I said, considerable measures are put in place to ensure that those standards are adhered to in a proper way. I mentioned that some of the increased expenditure on lotteries—and I have already put that information on record in here before—was related to some of the very large prize pools that came into play this year. I think there was a significant increase. I cannot remember the prize pool amounts but they were unprecedented, and they caused significant public interest and a very large increase in our lotteries patronage. As I said, in relation to the details about that advertising campaign, it meets the codes and standards for advertising, as do all of the practices of lotteries, as I have been advised. I am happy to take on notice those other specific details and bring back a response.