Reminder to act now for people who work or volunteer with children

17 Jun 2019 newsmedia

The State Government is urging people who work or volunteer with children to ensure they have a valid child-related clearance by 1 July 2019, as part of recent changes to legislation.

The changes are the result of recommendations from South Australian and Federal Royal Commissions, to help increase the safety of children in our communities.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said from July, a number of people not previously required to have a check will be required to have one by law.

“People in roles that work with children, such as children’s party entertainers, ministers of religion and bus drivers, will be required to have a working with children check from 1 July 2019,” Minister Lensink said.

“The time to act is now – if people don’t have a check by 1 July 2019 they can’t work or volunteer with children in South Australia.”
Minister Lensink said there are transitional arrangements in place for people with a valid existing check and those people do not need to do anything right now.

“For people who have an existing DHS/DSCI child-related employment screening, they can keep using ity and then apply for a new working with children check before it expires,” Minister Lensink said.

“If you have a national police check assessed by an organisation or employer, you can keep using it for now, but you will need to get a new working with children check by 1 July 2020."

“If you do not have one of these checks, and want to work or volunteer with children after 1 July 2019, I encourage you to apply for a current child-related employment screening check as soon as possible.”

Those who apply for a check prior to 1 July 2019 will need to have their application started by the organisation where they’re working or volunteering.

“Prior to 1 July 2019, you’ll be applying for a child-related employment screening, which will be valid for three years from the date it is issued, and will meet your obligations under the new law,” Minister Lensink said.

“After 1 July 2019, the new working with children check will be in place. This application can be initiated by the individual or the organisation and will be valid for five years."

The State Government continues to roll out an education campaign to inform affected groups, through community engagement and advertising.

Affected organisations are also encouraged to download the ‘Working with children check information kit’ from the Screening Unit’s website, which will help them promote the changes to their volunteers or employees.

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