Regional South Australians take up new Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

08 Apr 2019 newsmedia

The Liberal Government is reminding regional South Australians they can make use of the new
Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme if they feel they may be at risk of DV.

Since the DVDS began on October 2, a total of 114 applications have been received by SA Police. The scheme is in place to help people who may be at risk of domestic violence find out if their current or former partner has a history of violence or related offences.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said one quarter of the applications made so far had been lodged by people living in regional South Australia.

“The fact that we have already received 114 applications shows there is a great need for the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme to be in place across South Australia to help protect people who are concerned for their safety,” said Minister Lensink.

“Sadly, we know domestic violence can happen anywhere, at anytime and that is why it’s important to know this scheme is available to keep people safe."

“I would like to remind people in the regions across South Australia that they do not physically need to make a trip to a police station to lodge an application."

“Applications can be made online from any computer, tablet or mobile device that has access to the internet and applications take about 10 minutes to complete."

An application can be made by any person in South Australia who is over the age of 17 and can be made by someone concerned for their own safety, or on behalf of someone they know.

The latest figures show 34 per cent of applications have been received from concerned third parties and concerns can be based around physical, verbal or controlling behaviours as well as emotional or psychological manipulation.

The website also includes a number of resources such as fact sheets, brochures translated into a number of languages and posters.

“I would encourage people, especially in regional South Australia, to display the poster on community noticeboards like those in their local shopping centres, libraries and community halls, to try to reach people who need to know there is help available if they have concerns about someone at risk of domestic violence,” said Minister Lensink.

Assistant Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Carolyn Power said the disclosure scheme complemented existing, available services.

“The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme is an early intervention strategy to provide an opportunity for people at risk of domestic violence to be connected to services much earlier than before,” said Assistant Minister Power.

“It’s important to remember that domestic and family violence is everybody’s business and covers physical, economic, psychological, verbal and emotional abuse."

“The Liberal Government will continue to do whatever we can to ensure women feel safe and supported and know where to turn for help.”

For more information about the DVDS visit: