Redmond Liberals To Adequately Fund EPA

14 Mar 2010 archivemedia

A Redmond Liberal Government will reduce waste in South Australia by ensuring the Solid Waste Levy paid by councils is reinvested back into waste reduction initiatives. (Sunday, 14 March 2010)

By reinstating the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) budget, $5 million extra a year will be invested into waste reduction initiatives from 2012-13.

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said the Rann Government doubled the Solid Waste Levy in 2007 but rather than this increased revenue being used to investigate ways to reduce waste, the government simultaneously cut the EPA’s budget. This led to increased rates of illegal dumping which the EPA has been under-resourced to police, and has made it harder for local government to implement waste reduction reforms.

“Rather than the Levy being used for what it was intended, it has been absorbed into general revenue,” Ms Lensink said.

“The Rann Government likes to promote its ‘green’ credentials but as is the case in so many areas, it doesn’t provide the funding to back its rhetoric up.

“Protecting out state’s environment and reducing waste is everyone’s responsibility but a Redmond Liberal Government will hold up its end of the bargain by properly funding the EPA.”

A Redmond Liberal Government recognises South Australia’s unique natural environment is a prized asset.

“We will also release a Biodiversity and Habitat discussion paper to investigate the need for a Biodiversity and Habitat Act.

“Approval processes for many environmental issues, for example the clearance of native vegetation is often confusing with advice and approvals needed from numerous government agencies.

“The discussion paper will investigate ways that the approval process can be streamlined.

“A Redmond Liberal Government will act to protect South Australia’s environment – something the Rann Government has failed to do over the last eight years. “