Rann's Endangered Species Shame

06 Sep 2008 archivemedia

More than 100 native species in SA have become endangered in the past eight years. (Saturday, 6 September 2008)

“This is an alarming statistic which the Rann Government should be ashamed of,’’ Shadow Environment and Conservation Minister Michelle Lensink said today.

Speaking on the eve of National Threatened Species Day, Ms Lensink said Premier Rann’s 2002 pledge to “save” South Australia’s native animals and plans was “a con”.

“The latest data shows the number of endangered native animals and plants species has worsened under Labor,” Ms Lensink said.

“The State Strategic Plan Progress Report shows the total number of species identified as threatened increased from 1041 in 2000 to 1143 in 2008.

“Examining the data reveals alarming increases during that period in the number of threatened reptiles (up 36%); birds (up 28%); mammals (up 13.6%); and plants (up 3.7%).’’

“As well, there are now six more amphibian species in SA under threat.”

“Among the new species endangered this year are the short tailed hopping mouse, long tailed hopping mouse, Osprey and Yellow-nosed Albatross.

National Threatened Species Day is held on September 7 each year to encourage the community to help conserve Australia’s unique native fauna and flora.

“Typically, instead of being up-front about the alarming 10% jump in the number of threatened species in the past eight years, the government has tried to conceal the trend,” Ms Lensink said.

Since European settlement, 23 birds, 4 frogs and 27 mammal species have become extinct in Australia.