Public pressure really works

18 Oct 2010 newsarchivemedia

In a significant breakthrough, Parliament’s Environment Resources and Development Committee today finally agreed to advertise for public submissions to a population enquiry, three months after it was asked to do so.

Enormous pressure had been building on the committee – and on the Labor Government – to hear from experts and to get evidence from the public and interest groups.

Shadow Environment and Conservation Minister, Michelle Lensink said this was a positive move towards investigating the effects of the Labor government’s 2050 population target of two million.

“Today’s meeting was productive,” Ms Lensink said.

“Labor finally agreed to look at the consequences of increased population on water supply, electricity demand and the natural environment.

“It’s madness to think that there won’t be environmental consequences of having half as many people again.

“This committee welcomes public submissions. The Liberal Party wants to find out what South Australians think about the population plan.

“I hope that the Government will present a submission to this inquiry at the next meeting in early November.

“It is important that the committee is now able to progress quickly with this investigation,” Ms Lensink said.