Premier shamed by Adelaide’s high cost of living

04 Feb 2009 archivemedia

Adelaide’s record high living costs has exposed as hollow a 2006 promise by Premier Rann to “make South Australia the most competitive jurisdiction either side of the Tasman”.

“The fact Adelaide residents are paying the highest price for unleaded petrol of any major Australian city and the second highest for an average basket of groceries shows the Premier’s insincerity,’’ Shadow Consumer Affairs Minister Ms Lensink said today.

“In 2006 Premier Rann said SA’s cost of living was an “urgent area” where improvements could be made in a bid to make the State more competitive.

“That was the spin, but sadly for SA consumers there was no substance to the pledge.

“The cost of living in SA has continued to climb and this week was shown to be the highest in the nation.

“These figures reflect very badly on the Rann Government

“The Federal Government has made tracking the cost of living easy, unfortunately for the Rann Government it shows that the cost of living is very high in SA, a State that has customarily been one of the cheapest to live in.

“While the State Government doesn’t control the price of consumables, it does regulate the environment that encourages oil companies to set-up oil refineries and business to produce consumables.”

(Ms Lensink today in State Parliament referred to a media release of the Premier dated 5 April, 2006 ‘Cutting Red Tape to make SA even more competitive’ in which Mr Rann says the State Government would “urgently look into a range of areas where improvements can be made, across the entire business environment including (the) cost of living”.)