Port Augusta health crisis

07 Jan 2017 newsmedia

The State Liberals have released a Safety Data Sheet published by Adelaide Brighton Cement that details the health implications of coming into contact with Fly Ash and called for a State Government taskforce to be established to oversee the containment efforts.

The Safety Data Sheet relating to fly ash from Port Augusta notes fly ash is classified as hazardous according to the Safe Work Australia and can cause;

  • skin irritation;

  • serious eye irritation;

  • respiratory irritation;

  • damage to organs;

  • warns against breathing it in; and

  • advises wearing protective gloves, clothing, eye protection and face protection when dealing with it.

“Adelaide Brighton Cement are in the business of using fly ash in the production of cement and its concerns about the health implications cannot be ignored by the Weatherill Government,” said Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink.

“This is a public health crisis and the Weatherill Government needs to take the lead on containing the dust to protect the people of Port Augusta.

“A dedicated task force under the direction of the Premier needs to be establish to minimise the health risk the fly ash poses to people of Port Augusta.

“The lackadaisical attitude of the Weatherill Government to the public health threat to the people of Port Augusta has been totally unacceptable.

“The Port Augusta Power Station closed in May 2016 yet eight months later the health of the people of Port Augusta is being put at risk because of fly ash.”