Parliamentary vote a lack of confidence in marine park process

01 Dec 2011 newsarchivemedia

The Upper House has voted in favour of a Liberal motion tabled earlier this year which called for a moratorium on the Government’s Marine Park sanctuary zones.

The motion was moved in acknowledgement that the Government’s published zones had caused community uproar, with many people seeing their livelihoods about to disappear at the stroke of a pen. At that stage Labor was in complete denial about the impacts of its plan.

The vote comes two weeks after Premier Jay Weatherill sensationally back flipped on what can be only described as a shambolic process.

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said it may finally be dawning on the Government just how much angst the current draft zones have caused local communities.

“Keeping with the Labor trend the Weatherill Government has completely lost its way on its handling of South Australia’s Marine Parks.” Ms Lensink said.

“The Minister should take this vote as golden opportunity to actually step back listen to the voices of the local communities, rather than his union bosses.

“It’s time for the Government to actively engage with the community on this issue in a transparent process, not to blindly “announce and defend” policy.”