OBCS Waiting Times Soar Thanks To Labor Razor Gang

06 Dec 2011 archivemedia

Waiting times for standard services at the Office of Consumer and Business Services have ballooned with some applicants for a Responsible Service of Alcohol badge forced to wait 15 weeks for processing.

Hospitality workers who are already classified as a Responsible Person now must wait up to 4 weeks when they simply wish to transfer to different premises of the same employer.

In addition, employers wishing to register a trading name may wait up to three weeks while landlords and tenants may wait up to three months for a hearing at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

Shadow Minster for Consumer Affairs Michelle Lensink said she’s concerned employers will bear the real cost of the delays, a pure result of Labor mismanagement.

“The South Australian public was told when the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner and OCBA merged to cut costs we would see no drop in services,” said Ms Lensink.

“What the delays mean is that employers will pay more overtime, small business owners will have to keep their doors closed over the year’s busiest retail period, and landlords and tenants will be left in limbo.

“South Australians are being punished yet again, simply because this Labor Government can’t balance the books.”