No Grounds To Reject Coastal Tourism Opportunity

02 Nov 2008 archivemedia

The Rann Government has knocked back a coastal tourism development which could have thrown Eyre Peninsula families an economic lifeline, Deputy Leader in the Legislative Council Hon Michelle Lensink MLC said today. (Sunday, 2 November 2008)

“No one argues that sensitive coastal regions need zoning protection, however there is also a need for these regions to have a sustainable economic base,’’ Ms Lensink said.

“New requirements by Planning SA that tourism operations are limited to 25km apart and between 10-50 rooms are unnecessarily restrictive.

“I’m concerned Planning SA is refusing applications based on the wrong information. How else can it explain refusing an application at Fowler’s Bay to develop degraded former pasture land?

“Coastal tourism can be provided in a sensitive manner with environmental impact controlled through the use of closed water systems and green power options, for example.

“Rejecting applications such as this one is denying economic opportunity for many families.”

Ms Lensink said councils have increasingly been incensed by the interpretation of the Coastal Development Strategy aimed at guiding future development around coastal Eyre Peninsula.

The process has lead to significant re-zoning around coastal Eyre Peninsula and severe limitations for tourism development.

“Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association members have expressed great concern in relation to Planning SA restrictions on tourism opportunities as part of the interpretation of this process,” Ms Lensink said.

“I have asked State Parliament’s Environment, Resources and Development Committee to investigate the matter with a view to putting a stop to Planning SA’s current restrictive practices.”