No Accountability, No Interest, Same Labor Government

05 Jan 2012 archivemedia

Environment Minister Paul Caica, in a show of laziness or sheer incompetence, has refused to answer legitimate questions left outstanding from the Budget process.

Like his fellow Labor colleagues, Mr Caica has shown a blatant disregard for Parliamentary processes by failing to provide answers to Budget questions after more than five months.

And while the Minister sits with his head in the sand, the number of unanswered questions on the Parliamentary notice paper has risen to 3000.
Deputy Liberal Leader in the Upper House Michelle Lensink said she was dumbfounded at the arrogance displayed by Minister Caica on issues that matter to the community.

“I’m not asking the Minister curly or trick questions - I want to know why the amount of Park Rangers has stayed the same despite 16 new parks being added to the reserve system. I want to know why the percentage of accredited fire fighters working for DENR has plummeted to 36 per cent and I want to know how the Government intends policing its marine parks,” Ms Lensink said.

“As we approach the three month anniversary of the Weatherill Labor Government, where is Mr Weatherill’s promised new open and accountable government?

“The culture of secrecy and evasiveness that has plagued this dysfunctional Labor Government has clearly now taken hold in the Environment Department.

“The Government fought tooth and nail to hide details of the CEO’s $50,000 UK extravaganza, despite DENR facing huge budget cuts.

“As they watch fees rise while services in National Parks diminish, South Australians deserve straight and honest answers that Mr Weatherill promised he would deliver.”