Minister’s gutless decision on Union Hall

06 Sep 2010 archivemedia

Minister Caica’s decision to go against the advice of his own Heritage Council and de-list Union Hall is an extraordinary blow to South Australia’s heritage.

In the lead up to the State election, former Environment Minister Jay Weatherill referred to the interim heritage listing of Union Hall as one of his government’s achievements.

In February this year, the Heritage Council found that Union Hall was deserving of the heritage listing because it met three of the seven criteria as outlined in the Heritage Places Act 1993. In order to obtain listing only one of the criteria needs to be met.

Three months later, this expert panel has been overruled by the new Environment Minister, Paul Caica.

Opposition Environment spokesperson, Michelle Lensink said today;

“Minister Caica’s decision to delist Union Hall against the advice of the Heritage Council betrays a complete lack of understanding of heritage values and demonstrates yet again the arrogance of this Government.

“The Government’s decision has sent shockwaves through the community who believe that unique heritage places deserve protection from short-sighted development decisions.”