Mental Health

01 Jun 2006 questionsarchive

I seek leave to make a brief explanation before asking the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse a question about a mental health patient’s suicide.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: The opposition has received information that someone who was the subject of a detention order at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital escaped and subsequently committed suicide on 15 May this year. Will the minister inform the council whether she is aware of this and what the outcomes of any investigations have been?

The Hon. G.E. GAGO(Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse): I thank the honourable member for her question and I commend her for not naming the individual.

I am aware of this matter, and the preliminary measures for an investigation have taken place. I have asked for a full report, both at a service level and across the service level. I am still yet to receive the last of these reports. I will make my findings according to those reports.