Lensink Makes History

03 Mar 2008 archivemedia

Michelle Lensink is set to create history tomorrow when she becomes the first woman to lead the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council.

She will be the Acting Leader for two weeks while David Ridgway represents State Parliament at a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association conference.

Ms Lensink, the current Deputy Leader, will lead the Liberal’s attack on the Rann Government during a busy sitting week.

“Parliament sits for three days this week and I will be the Acting Leader in the Legislative Council during this period,” Ms Lensink said.

“I am told that this is the first time that a woman has led the Liberal’s in the Legislative Council.

“The New State Liberals have a fresh team and a fresh approach and I’m looking forward to tackling the Rann Government on its poor record on transport, economic management and failure to plan for the drought.”

Elected nearly five years ago, Ms Lensink is also the Shadow Minister for the Environment and Mental Health.

She had been the Young Liberal’s first female president about 11 years ago.