Land Tax

06 Feb 2007 questionsarchive

A question put forward to the Hon. P. HOLLOWAY regarding Land Tax.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: Can the Treasurer advise in relation to the advertising of the land tax rebate as first announced on 7 February 2005:

1. (a) In which newspapers was an advertisement placed; and

(b) On what dates?

2. What was the cost of placing each advertisement?

3. On which radio stations were advertisements placed?

4. What were the details of each booking contract?

5. What were all the costs to create:

(a) the print advertisements; and

(b) the electronic advertisements?

6. Which agency(s) created the advertisements?

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY: The Premier has been advised of the following:

1. The advertisements appeared once each in The Advertiser on 12 February 2005, in the Sunday Mail on 27 February 2005 and in the Adelaide Review on 4 March 2005.

2. The total cost of all three appearances was $14,598. The individual rates are commercial in confidence.

3. The radio advertisements were played on 5AA, MIX 102.3, Radio Doriforos, 5EBI, Radio ENA and Radio Italiana.

4. A total of 324 X 30 second spots were put to air for a total cost of $10,800. The individual station package details are commercial in confidence.

5. (a) The print advertisements cost $1,729 to create.

(b) The radio ads cost $1,581 to produce.

6. The advertisements were created by JAMShop and Richard Astbury Creative.

NB: All costs are quoted exclusive of GST.

The Treasurer has provided the following information:

As per Appendix E (page E.8) of the 2006-07 Budget Paper 3, the following rebates were paid in respect of 2004-05 land tax assessments as part of the land tax relief package announce in February 2005; 2004-05 2005-06* Land Tax Rebates $18.9 million $0.8 million


*Some rebate payments carried over to 2005-06.