Lake Eyre Basin (Intergovernmental Agreement) (Ratification Of Amendments) Amendment Bill

12 Feb 2008 questionsarchive

Question put forward to the Hon. G.E. GAGO regarding the Lake Eyre Basin (Intergovernmental Agreement) (Ratification Of Amendments) Amendment Bill.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: The one question I have relates to whether this bill will have any impact on the pastoralists or mining leaseholders in that particular region and, if so, what that impact would be.

Answer: (12 FEBRUARY 2008)

The Hon. G.E. GAGO: I will answer a question asked during the second reading stage by the Hon. Michelle Lensink about the possible impact on pastoralists and miners. I have been advised that this bill ensures that there is a mechanism for cross border discussion of possible issues of common concern such as improved water management, coordinated weed and feral animal control programs and improved engagement of Aboriginal people. Pastoralists and mining interests were extensively consulted on the proposed boundary changes and have been strongly supported in this initiative. In addition, pastoral and mining interests are represented on the community advisory committee to the ministerial forum, which ensures each jurisdiction is aware of emerging issues. At the regional level, close cooperation has been developed between the regional bodies in each jurisdiction, particularly the South Australia Arid Lands NRM Board and the Queensland Desert Channels Regional Body.