Labor Sanctuary (No Take) Zones out of touch with reality

19 Feb 2013 newsarchivemedia

A $1.2 million TV advertisement for Labor’s Marine Parks Sanctuary (No Take) Zones stars a young fisherman crabbing on Pt Noarlunga jetty.

The only problem is crabbing is banned on Pt Noarlunga jetty.

“There couldn’t be a more graphic representation of how out of touch Labor is with reality over the implementation of its Sanctuary (No Take) Zone policy,” Shadow Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Michelle Lensink said.

“Coastal communities have being crying out for the Weatherill Labor Government to understand the devastating impact Sanctuary (No Take) Zones would have upon them.

“It is clear from this advertisement, Labor doesn’t even understand the rules currently in place.”

In addition to advertising illegal crabbing, the Marine Parks Sanctuary (No Take) Zone advertisement depicted the young fisherman without a hat or bait bucket.

In the space of one TV advertising campaign the Labor Government has advertised an illegal activity and abandoned its ‘Slip, Slop, Slap” policy.

“The staggering irregularities in Labor’s $1.6 million advertising campaign are indicative of the government’s cavalier attitude to the entire Marine Parks project,” Ms Lensink said.

“They failed to heed the concerns of regional communities, failed to listen to the concerns raised by the Liberal Opposition, and now fail to observe the law or basic common sense in sanctioning an advertising campaign celebrating the entire mess.

“This is a $1.2 million mistake by Minister Hunter. The responsibility lies with him.”

The SA Liberals:

1. Support marine parks but are not in favour of the current Sanctuary (No Take) Zone boundaries proposed by the government.

2. Do not support the Government’s process for creating the current Sanctuary (No Take) Zones. The SA Liberals’ process would follow a ‘threats based determination’ of any protection zone as per the COAG National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas.

3. Will continue working with the commercial and recreational fishing sectors, as well as
representatives from a range of regional communities to keep the pressure on the
Government ahead of any final decision regarding Sanctuary Zones.

4. Remain committed to protecting the marine environment through the aquatic reserve
provisions in the Fisheries Management Act 2007.

5. Call on the Minister to wait for the final report from the Legislative Council’s Select
Committee into Marine Parks before making the ultimate decision.

6. Would allow PIRSA to continue their management of fishing in the state rather than
turning the responsibility over to DEWNR, if elected to government in 2014.

7. Commit to a review of the marine park management plans and zone classifications within
the state’s 19 marine parks. This review will make specific reference to Marine Park Local
Advisory Group and regional action group proposals to government.