Labor's Toxic Neglect

02 Mar 2011 archivemedia

Labor is recklessly selling off four blocks of land less than 1km from the toxic former Hills Industry site which is responsible for the contaminated groundwater in Edwardstown and South Plympton. (Wednesday, 2 March 2011)

The blocks of land in Emerald Street are situated within the contaminated zone where residents have been warned of health and safety risks.

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said that Labor has showed complete disregard for the health and well being of South Australians.

“In what appears to be a grab for cash Labor has put four blocks of land on the market before the full extent of the contamination has been revealed,” Ms Lensink said.

“There are serious concerns surrounding the sale of these properties.”

 • Have these properties been tested to determine the level of contamination?

 • Has Labor been upfront about the potential contamination of these properties?

 • Will Labor compensate purchasers if it is discovered that their land is more toxic than they realised?

“Housing SA is the government agency responsible for some of our most vulnerable people. They should be leading by example in ensuring that land will not put potential owners at risk.

“Residential land needs the highest standards of safety as residents are most likely to dig up soil, plant fruit and veg and use bores for watering.

“If Labor has been negligent with the sale of these blocks of lands South Australians needs to know about it.”