Labor Risks SA Environment

18 Oct 2010 archivemedia

State Labor members of an environmental committee meet too infrequently, avoiding investigating the impact of their own policies on the environment in South Australia. (Monday, 18 October 2010)

Michelle Lensink, Shadow Minister for Environment and Conservation said the Rann Labor controlled Environment, Resources and Development Committee has been instructed by parliament to investigate the effects of the government’s 2050 population target of two million– yet Labor dodge committee meetings.

“The population proposal needs to be investigated thoroughly, looking at the impact on water supply, electricity demand, environment and loss of farming land but the Labor government doesn’t want to do the work required,” Ms Lensink said.

“Too many times the ERDC meetings have been cancelled with no alternative meeting day set.

“It’s obvious Labor members don’t want to compromise their population target with negative findings.

“South Australian tax payers expect members of parliament to work in their best interest –Labor members of parliament are not.

“The ERDC should meet fortnightly and immediately advertise for public submissions on the 2050 population target.

“SA Liberals are frustrated by Labor’s abuse of the committee system – Labor can’t be trusted.”