Labor Factions Call An End To Marine Parks Fishing Ban

Premier Weatherill has been pressured by factional power brokers to legalise recreational fishing in Marine Parks, documents leaked to the State Opposition reveal.

At a recent Labor Convention the powerful Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Union urged the Minister not only to overturn a ban on recreational fishing but also to:

“Ensure that the final Marine Park Sanctuary zones are significantly reduced in size to what is currently proposed.”

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said this is more proof the design process for the Marine Park Sanctuary zones has been a complete Labor botch job from start to finish.

“Labor has been in denial about the marine parks fiasco, now it’s clear even the ALP factions have had enough, forcing Mr Weatherill into a back flip,” Ms Lensink said.

“Is Premier Weatherill really serious about engaging with regional communities or is he simply beholden to the unions who knifed Mr Rann and installed him as Premier?

“Labor is bitterly divided but our regional communities should not suffer as a result.

“Mr Weatherill must take full responsibility for the botched marine parks consultation process because he was the one who implemented it as former Environment Minister.

“Mr Weatherill must explain to South Australians whether he is genuine in his condemnation of Labor’s failed consultation process or whether he has simply caved to pressure from the unions.”