Inquiry Into Disability Waiting Lists

25 Nov 2010 archivemedia

A Parliamentary Committee has been established to investigate government funding for disability equipment including the payment of $5.1 million paid to an organisation that does not provide disability equipment

Liberal MLC Michelle Lensink moved to establish the committee and was supported by all Liberal Members and all Labor MP speakers opposed the formation of the committee.

Shadow Minister for Disability Vickie Chapman said she welcomed the establishment of the committee and the endorsement by the independent and minor party MPs.

“This committee will give the Parliament a fantastic opportunity to look at what funding is needed to properly clear current disability waiting lists and also how we can make sure lists do not blow out in the future” Ms Chapman said.

“People living with a disability deserve better than what they are currently receiving from the Rann Labor Government.

“For too long we have had a system under Labor which involves one-off funding allocations rather than an increase in recurrent expenditure.

“People with a disability should not be forced to wait until the end of the financial year to find out the government is going to provide more equipment to assist them in their lives.

“Government’s should be responsible and caring but unfortunately we have a government in South Australia which is solely focussed on headlines and image.”

The members of the committee are Michelle Lensink MLC, Rob Lucas MLC, Kelly Vincent MLC, Russell Wortley MLC and Ian Hunter MLC.