Innamincka Regional Reserve

23 Nov 2010 archivespeech

This speech is in relation to the Innamincka Regional Reserve.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK (15:41): I thank the minister for those responses to questions; I understand the member for Stuart has a few questions that he is going to ask in the debate in the House of Assembly. My comments will be brief because the minister has covered all the issues. This motion is required under section 34A of the National Parks and Wildlife Act. While it has descended on us fairly quickly, I am grateful to the minister for the letter he sent in explanation, dated 18 November, in which he says that notice was given on Tuesday 14 September. However the National Parks and Wildlife Act requires that 14 sitting days must elapse before parliament can consider the motion, so that we can therefore debate it today, the 23rd. He further states:

Consideration of this matter by the parliament in the current sitting enables the native title claim to be finalised through the freeholding of the agreed township allotments for transfer to the YY people.

I think we all agree, now that the ILUA has proceeded and this is part of the agreement, that this is an appropriate course of action, and we wish them well in their deliberations and commend the motion to the council.