Independent Ministers must support Marine Parks Bill

25 Aug 2014 newsmediamarineparks

The State Liberals are calling on Independent Ministers Geoff Brock and Martin Hamilton-Smith to do the right thing by regional South Australians and support the State Liberals’ Marine Parks Bill.

Independent Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith told media yesterday that he remains undecided about whether or not he will support the Bill.

The South Australian Upper House passed a Private Member’s Bill to change the current boundaries of the Weatherill Labor Government’s marine park sanctuary zones.

The Bill proposes to exclude some of the Weatherill Government’s marine park sanctuary zones from taking effect on 1 October this year in their current form.

"The Weatherill Labor Government’s marine park boundaries have been widely condemned by the fishing industry, recreational fishers and regional communities," said Shadow Minister for the Environment Michelle Lensink.

"The State Liberals support marine parks, but not the current boundaries proposed by the Weatherill Labor Government.

"This is an important issue for regional South Australians, who have been neglected by the Weatherill Labor Government for 12 years.

"Ministers Hamilton-Smith and Brock need to remember that they are Independent Members of the Weatherill Labor Government.

"This means that they can criticise the Government, the Government’s actions, the Government’s policies and the Government’s decisions and can vote against the Government on serious matters.

"The State Liberals understand the adverse effects that will be felt by regional communities if these marine parks are implemented in their current form.

"Unlike the Weatherill Labor Government, the State Liberals will continue listening to the concerns of South Australians and will continue to stand up for our regions."