Heritage Focus Of Redmond Government

06 Feb 2010 archivemedia

Only 17 State Heritage Areas exist throughout South Australia and not one new heritage area has been approved by the Rann Government since 2002.

Michelle Lensink, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Conservation speaking at a National Trust forum in Adelaide today outlined the SA Liberals’ Heritage Policy and used the forum to lash-out at the Rann Government’s dismal record on protecting South Australia’s heritage buildings.

“Premier Rann together with his Labor Party colleagues has been more interested in fostering relationships with generous property developers than ensuring certainty for the protection of SA heritage buildings and precincts,” Ms Lensink said.

“The fact that under the Rann Government funding to the SA National Trust has been abolished demonstrates the contempt with which they hold the need to protect, restore and maintain South Australia’s unique architectural heritage and history.

“Adelaide City Heritage and Character Applications made to the Minister for Urban Development and Planning, Paul Holloway in 2008 have still not been processed, putting at risk many buildings which contribute to Adelaide’s character.

A Redmond Liberal Government will:

• Review local heritage listing process - ensuring transparency & greater community participation.

• Review penalties for neglect of heritage assets.

• Reduce urban development pressure on precinct areas of historic significance.

• Support a precinct oriented approach to heritage - Unley Council model.

• Adopt a standard, open and transparent set of procedures.

“A Redmond Liberal Government has a vision for SA that embraces the protection and promotion of our unique architectural and cultural heritage as part of an energised and exciting future for this great state”.