Government Employment Costs

16 Feb 2004 questionsarchive
A question put forward to the Hon. T.G. ROBERTS regarding Government Employment Costs.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK:

1. Will the Minister for Health provide details of the agencies and levels at which each of the additional people are employed whose remuneration exceeds $100 000 as listed in Note 23 to the Auditor-General’s accounts on page 576 of Part B: Volume II of the Auditor-General’s Report, 2002-03?

2. (a) Have these positions been formally announced by the Government at any stage;

and (b) If so, when?

The Hon. T.G. ROBERTS: The Minister for Health has provided the following information:

The increase of fourteen staff represents the net impact of the following factors:

1 Office of Youth staff member transferred into the Department of Human Services (DHS);

1 acting arrangement due to Chief Information Officer position unfilled—Corporate Resources (IMS);

1 position being filled—Executive Director, Corporate Resources.

This position was approved with the formation of DHS but was not formally filled until 2002-03;

1 additional position—Chief of Staff, as a result of the portfolio having two Ministers;

7 executive & EB salary increases—2 Strategic Planning and Population Health, 1 Aboriginal Services Division, 1 South Australian Community Housing Authority, 1 Metropolitan Health, 1 Social Justice and Country, 1 Corporate Resources (Asset Services);

6 full year salaries commenced half way through 01-02—2 Metropolitan Health, 2 Family and Youth Services, 2 Social Justice and Country;

and 3 people left the department and were not replaced—2 from Metropolitan Health and 1 from Strategic Planning and Population Health.

No formal announcement was made as none of these positions were newly created, except the Chief of Staff as detailed above.

Filling of all executive positions followed due process through OCPE.