Glenside to Get Drugs Instead of Update

23 Jun 2006 archivemedia

The government has once again pushed aside urgently needed upgrades at Glenside in favour of building a mega facility to house Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA) it has been revealed in documents obtained under Freedom of Information.

The DASSA treatment facilities at Joslin, Norwood and North Adelaide which currently provide outpatient alcohol and detoxification services and inpatient services of up to 22 beds have been deemed ‘inefficient’ and ‘old’ and the document warns that without a rebuild, the services currently being delivered by DASSA are not ‘financially viable’.

Shadow Health Minister Vickie Chapman said the Rann Government today admitted that it had made up its mind to sell off DASSA’s lucrative real estate and move its facilities to a purpose-built mega-structure on the Glenside Campus at a cost of $9.9 million.

“The supposed consultation with the Social Inclusion Board regarding the new focus on Glenside is a sham, the government had already made up its mind to use the Glenside site for something other than mental health when they first did their back flip on the issue in February.” Ms Chapman said.

“They will move DASSA’s facilities to Glenside and in doing so jeopardise both the existing services currently offered by Glenside Hospital and by DASSA. This is once again proof of the government’s soft approach and lack of commitment to Glenside Hospital and mental health.

“What we need to know is what is the government’s plan for Glenside Hospital and can they guarantee that the facilities at the Glenside campus will be updated for the purpose of providing the State with a more effective mental health service.”

Shadow Mental Health and Substance Abuse Minister Michelle Lensink said that, “Given the Rann Government’s election commitment to maintain Glenside for mental health services, what the community deserves to know is whether Premier Rann will ensure that his government does not squander $9.9 million on capital works.

“Instead the government’s pledge on Glenside should be honoured by upgrading what the government itself referred to as the ‘outdated and really on its knees’ facility of Glenside Hospital and providing this state with the best possible mental health services.”